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Boarding Facilities

Imperial School - Boarding Facilities

Boarding Admission System

Imperial School Kudenda operates a compulsory boarding system. There is however a special scheme for children from the Kudenda village who meet all the other admission criteria of academic excellence to attend from home if it is proved that the parents of such children could not meet up with the financial demands of full boarding. This is a program to assist rural children, confer some benefits of modern education on the rural village and as a rare contribution towards the development of education in the northern part of Nigeria. Imperial School is proud to note that more than seven primary schools have sprang up in Kudenda in the first five years of our existence. The population of students in these primary schools run into thousands. Admissions into Imperial School are through examinations conducted around June/July of every year. The examinations are set from topics usually covered in Basic 5 and 6 classes. Students who aspire to enter into Imperial School should be a minimum age of 11years old and should be capable of living independent lives away from parents. Details of fees charged are obtainable either directly from the office of the Principal or downloaded right from our website.

Imperial Schools Boys Hostel

House System

There are 13Hostels in the School by the 2010/2011 academic year. Each Hostel is divided into 3 Houses: Green, Yellow and Blue to which a student becomes a member on admission. There are Hostel Administrators and prefects who supervise the affairs of the hostels. They are assisted by house prefects. All girls are expected to either plait their hair or wear a low hair cut. All boys should wear clean hair cuts. All new students should be conversant with the School Rules and Regulations which should be purchased on admission. Imperial School is noted for some virtues and all new students should uphold them on admission. Stealing of any type is a taboo among our students. School Proprietor has a strict instructions to all school authorities not to condone examination malpractice of any type. Parents and students who enjoy such vices should seek admission elsewhere. Imperial School is noted for quiet and clean atmosphere / environment which promote serious studies. New students should strive to quickly adapt to this culture. Those who enjoy belonging to any cult will find no peace in Imperial School.

College Fence Project

The issue of security is taken seriously by School management. The role of good fencing around the school premises in controlling unauthorized movement of students cannot be underestimated. Fences imposes privacy and deter intruders in addition to making security surveillance easy. The college had only a dwarf fence of five blocks high at inception. This posed series of problems for the school. Completion of this important project was stalled by the huge capital outlay required to raise the fence which covered over a kilometer. Management however decided to undertake this all important project to ensure safety of students and property.

The second and final phase of this project started in mid November and was completed by the end of December 2005 to the delight of students, staff and parents. It consisted of a 12 block high structure covering the entire perimeter of the college which extended over a kilometer. This project was complemented with the erection of two security outposts at the southern and northern ends of the School. Additional security guards were recruited to bring the total to eight(8) on night duty. Management further installed series of electronic cameras at various locations such as the examination halls, perimeter fences and all other sensitive locations. All these were done to ensure maximum security within the school environment.