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Library Facilities

Imperial School - Library Facilities

Library Services

Imperial School has a spacious and well equipped Library manned by a trained Librarian. The importance of a good Library service to any school cannot be over emphasized. It is for such a reason that the school has stocked a large number of recommended books. There are also books on many other topics of general interest. Books in the library are well accessed and catalogued. The library receives daily supply of popular Nigerian Newspapers. There is a telephone line extension in the library and this enables the library to connect to the Internet. This helps the library to collect information on any subject desired from any place in the world.

Imperial School Library Facility


The membership of the library is open to all students and staff of the school provided such a student / staff has valid Borrower’s card.


A member may borrow a maximum of 2 books and will be responsible for the safety of the books until they are returned. Borrowed books must be returned within 2 weeks. Returned books may be borrowed again provided no other member needs it. Borrowed books could also be recalled at the discretion of the librarian. Material in the reference section are not allowed to be borrowed except approval is sought and obtained.

Conduct in the Library

The following rules of conduct must be observed in the library by users:

  • Strict silence
  • Bags, umbrellas, luggage and other personal text books must be left at the library entrance.
  • Eating, drinking and smoking is not allowed.
  • Reading tables, chairs, charts etc must not be removed from the library for any reason.