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Sports Facilities

Imperial School - Sports Facilities

We love Sports

Here at Imperial School, we love sports and we are proud of this fact. This is because we know, without a doubt, that it improves the physical as well as the mental capacity of the average human being thereby bringing out the best in us. Our love for sports and recreation is evident in our sporting and recreation facilities as we invest heavily in building quality sport facilities for major sporting activities. Our facilities include fibre glass basketball court, football field, swimming pools, gyms, lawn and table tennis facilities and so much.


Competition is also major motivating factor as far as sports is concerned. This is why we wear our school colours with pride and a quest to conquer and acquire as many accolades as we can. It is our honour to wear School colours. Our facilities are among the best as in below:

Football Field

Imperial School Football Field
Imperial School Football Spectator Stand

Basketball Court

Other sports and recreational facilities include:

  • Lawn tennis court
  • Swimming Facilities
  • Gym
  • Table tennis pool
  • Restaurant and club house

Imperial School Cross Country Races

Students wake up 5:00am of every Saturday to partake in the SCHOOL CROSS COUNTRY race covering some kilometers. These events are endurance races which instill high level of discipline in students. The races develop team spirit as students sing melodiously along the route accompanied by their teachers. They increase physical fitness which eventually reduces ill health and make lives in Boarding School very enjoyable.