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Imperial Schools - Utilities

Water Supply

Portable water has been a problem for most developing countries. Nigeria is not an exception. Kaduna municipal has been experiencing increased water shortages in recent years. The amount of urban water supply to our School has therefore witnessed a steady decrease. This became worrisome in view of the increase in school population.

There is an extensive water supply grid within the school premises. This is tied to the World Bank assisted water distribution network running across the village. This ensures that water is generally available in the system except when there is an interruption from the main supply system. A 100.00m3 underground reservoir has been constructed to hold water for about two weeks in order to meet the needs of students and staff. This arrangement is further assisted by 4Nos. 1000.00 litre capacity Gee-Pee tanks located near the hostels as well as a utility water tanker/van to supply water during emergency cases. Every student is advised to purchase a small water keg for storing water.

Management consequently, awarded a contract to BELMONT NIG LTD; a Kaduna based water drilling company to survey the entire compound for water, identify the best location for a well and to drill such well together with associated overhead systems and pipings. The system was commissioned on 8th March, 2004. The result has been satisfactory and the problem of water seem to be over with the linkage of the new borehole to the old system.The increase in the population of staff and students in the school means that even that above number of boreholes cannot be sufficient. Accordingly, a third borehole was drilled solely for the 5 Nos boy hostels while the boreholes drilled by Belmont Nig. Ltd has been set aside for girls only while the first borehole drilled in the school is reserved for the Administrative block.


A 100.00 KVA electricity transformer was procured and installed within the school premises. This is to ensure regular power supply as much as the utility company could guarantee. There is a comprehensive network of electricity distribution inside the school for good power supply to all facilities and areas. Telephone services, e-mail facilities and internet facilities are available for ease of communication with the outside world. The distribution system has been upgraded from wooden poles to concrete ones.