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Our Primary Section

Imperial Schools Primary Section

Imperial Primary School started classes in the 2007/2008 session with a student population of over 120 students in all classes. Mrs. Mary Odili, a veteran School teacher and administrator with over 30 years of working experience is its pioneer Head mistress.


The School started with a giant 18 – classroom block for both the Boarding and Day sessions. The boarding session students come from as far as Zamfara state. At the time, the population of the system was expected to have been over 30 students during the 2008/2009 session but today we have far exceeded our expectations.

Meals are served to all students and parents do not need to worry about afternoon meals for their wards. Transportation is also provided from doorstep to and from school. There are excellent games facilities for young ones while some of the grown ups could share some of the systems in the Secondary section e.g. Lawn tennis court, Basketball courts and the Football pitch. The school has an excellent medical facilities at the Secondary section which are shared with the Primary arm. Electricity and water supplies are delivered from the system in the secondary site. The environment is clean and conducive with a beautiful entrance gate and well landscaped lawns.