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Imperial School Admissions

Admission into Imperial School for the Junior Secondary School (JSS1) is through a prometric examination which usually takes place in May of every year. Placements are usually by merit in view of the competition for admission. The School admits pupils from all the segments of the society and there is no discrimination of any type provided the child performs well in the entrance examination. International students may be given considerations in the admissions. Sometimes a small percentage of the admission could be reserved for deserving pupils from the immediate community.

Students may also, depending on vacancies, be admitted into other classes except JSS 3 and SS 3. Students who transfer to Imperial School from other Schools into SS1 are expected to produce the results of their JSS 3 examinations or equivalent showing that they have passed at very good levels. Imperial School is a full boarding secondary school and entrants into JSS1 should be 11 years old to cope with the rigors of boarding and accept to live a fairly independent life away from parents. Medical certificates are demanded on admission and these must show evidence of no infections or serious maladies. There is a list of items required for boarding and these must be purchased and confirmed before admission into boarding system. All fees must be paid before resumption of any term or before admission.


Class Wears

  • Two light blue color short sleeve shirts JSS1-3 / SS1-3 long sleeve
  • Two pairs of navy blue trousers
  • One black belt
  • A pair of black cover shoes
  • Two pairs of navy blue socks
  • 2 Light blue color short sleeve blouses
  • JSS 1-3/SS1-3 long sleeve
  • Two pairs of navy blue skirts
  • A pair of black cover shoes
  • Two pairs of navy blue socks

House Wears

  • Two Shirts
  • Two brown trousers
  • A pair of bathroom slippers
  • One white long sleeve shirt
  • One white trouser
  • Two straight gowns
  • One white gown
  • One white scarf

Games Wears

  • One pair of white canvas shoe
  • T-shirt (in-house colors)
  • One white short
  • One white skirt (girls only).


  1. One cutlass
  2. One broom
  3. One hoe
  4. One towel
  5. Blanket
  6. One coverlet
  7. Two white bedsheets
  8. One bucket
  1.   One pillow
  2. Two white pillow cases
  3. One pair of pyjamas or night dresses
  4. One locker (18″ wide maximum). Bigger lockers will be rejected.
  5. Set of cutlery (spoon, fork, knife)
  6. Aluminium/plastic cup
  7. Mosquito Net (white cotton)
  8. Six toilet roll per term
  9. One mattress (36″x4″x72″)
  10. Two handkerchiefs


Beds will be provided by the School at a fee. All items must be clearly and indelibly marked. All new students must possess all listed requirements to be admitted into boarding. There are many souvenirs that can be purchased from the school to enhance student’s unique identity.


  1. Assorted Home and Occasion Dresses:  Trousers, shorts, gowns, jeans, wrappers, head ties etc.
  2. Ornaments: Bangles, rings, hair clips, wigs, neck chains, dropping/costly earrings.
  3. Shoes/Foot Wears: Coloured shoes, party shoes/footwears, high heeled shoes.
  4. Electronic Gadgets: GSM handsets of all types, MP3 players, boiling rings/heaters, electric/kerosine/gas cookers, computer games, cameras. etc.
  5. Food Items: Uncooked food items, cooked food items.
  6. Weapons: Knives, daggers, spears, guns etc
  7. Vehicles: Cars, motorcycles, bicycles etc.
  8. Cosmetics: Hair attachments, lipsticks, nail paints, toning creams/shampoo, perms, jerry curls or any artificial hair fixings.